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The 75W Queen Cabinet Bed with Mattress

New 75W cabinet beds with options of Queen size and twin size that blends in great, sold at murphy nook!
Darnell Yeldon|

A cabinet Murphy bed is the ideal solution when living space is at a premium. The 75W Queen Cabinet Bed with Mattress exemplifies how clever design can help maximize flexibility in multifunctional rooms. Its ability to efficiently transform between an inviting storage cabinet and a queen-sized guest bed helps overcome space constraints through thoughtful engineering. However, this product's attractions extend well beyond its core function of persevering precious square footage.


Space-Saving Cabinet Murphy Bed Design

At just 75 inches wide, the Murphy Nook cabinet bed tucks tidily away to leave the illusion of an unfettered floor area. Its folding bed mechanism allows swift and effortless conversion between cabinet and sleeping configurations.

Shaker-style doors with metal pulls lend an elegant aesthetic that melds harmoniously into any interior decorating style. Yet behind this cabinet façade lies a comfortably spacious queen mattress ready to serve overnight visitors. The Murphy cabinet bed's compact dimensions when closed belies the expansive sleeping solution revealed with a simple pull of the doors.


Folds Away for Maximum Flexibility

Homeowners constrained by limited living quarters will appreciate how neatly this cabinet bed disappears into a sideboard guise. Whether residing in an apartment, loft, or modestly sized home, it enables the practical addition of a guest room without permanently sectioning off valuable real estate.

The cabinet bed tucks flush to the wall, leaving immediate floor space unhindered for other purposes. Its flexible configuration allows designation as a guest room strictly when needed before neatly blending back into the surrounding area.


Blends Seamlessly into Any Room Décor

Thanks to neutral finishes and clean-lined styling, the Murphy Nook cabinet bed inserts seamlessly into virtually any design aesthetic. It's simple architecture works well in modern industrial settings while maintaining appeal in traditional and eclectic interiors.

Position it beside an armchair in the living area, beside a work desk in the home office, or the dinner table to cleverly expand seating if extra guests arrive. Wherever space permits, this Murphy cabinet bed introduces welcoming overnight accommodation without clashing with established interior fabrics, hues, and furnishings.


Premium Quality Folding Mattress Included

Past just the storage cabinet, this set includes a plush queen mattress for unmatched sleeping ease. Made of high-quality foam, the mattress maintains comfort and support through repeated use and folding without signs of wear. Its supportive foam layers cushion the body while keeping spinal alignment intact throughout slumber.

A zippered cover protects the mattress from spills and dirt when the bed is in the upright storage position. Homeowners can rest assured tired guests will wake refreshed after occupying this thoughtfully engineered sleeping surface.


Plush Foam Provides Comfortable Sleep

Whether hosting out-of-town family or last-minute guests, the premium foam mattress included ensures a restorative night's sleep. Its multi-layer foam construction contours closely to the body without sacrificing back support.

Breathable perforations within the cover promote airflow to prevent overheating through the night. After extensive use and folding tests, this mattress continues delivering the same cradling comfort as the day it was unpacked. Its resilient foam construction withstands the test of time and repeated opening/closing of the Murphy cabinet bed.


Rated For Repeated Use and Movement

Thanks to rigorous testing standards, homeowners can trust this mattress and folding cabinet bed mechanism to perform reliably for years. Designed to withstand up to 750 pounds of distributed weight load through its sturdy steel frame, two adults sleeping comfortably fit within safe parameters.

Both the mechanism facilitating cabinet-to-bed transitions and the mattress are backed by multiyear warranties offering further reassurance in its dependable functionality. Infrequent or regular use poses no risk of premature wear to either critical component.


Versatile Surface and Placement Options

Beyond the primary use case as a guest bed, creative homeowners are finding alternative applications to maximize the Murphy Nook cabinet bed's versatility. When closed, its spacious top surface transforms into a convenient display ledge or additional functional workspace.

Opting for a wall-mounted installation further extends the utilization of the surrounding floor area. Alternatively, choosing to stand the cabinet free on the floor creates an elegant sideboard enhancing any room's ambiance and storage provisions. In any orientation, the cabinet thoughtfully conceals its sleeping secret waiting to be revealed.


Transforms Cabinet Top into Display or Work Surface

Adorn the cabinet top with treasured photos, plants, or trinkets to enhance a living space's aesthetic character when acting as a sideboard. Alternately, clear the surface for a portable workspace allowing productivity from any room in the home.

A laptop or project paperwork neatly disappears back behind cabinet doors after use without disrupting the tranquil flow of shared living areas. Whether mounted along short wall space or standing independently, this configuration option further leverages the cabinet bed's flexible functionality beyond basic overnight accommodation needs.


Wall-mount for Safety or Floor-Stand as Sideboard

For added stability and security, choose to affix the Murphy cabinet bed flush against a wall. Screw points integrated into the design make wall mounting a simple DIY-friendly process. This installation prevents any potential tipping hazards if small children or pets were to interact with a free-standing unit.

However, floor-standing also remains a perfectly viable option preferred by some homeowners. Arranged beside a sofa or desk, it introduces attractive storage and display utility enriching a room's overall function and aesthetics.


Sturdy Build with Extended Warranty Backing

With a distributed weight capacity of 750 pounds, this robustly engineered Murphy cabinet bed and mattress set supports all common household needs. Its steel-framed construction withstands the rigors of opening, closing, and occasional daytime use as intended without signs of weakness or failure.

Extended protection plans back both critical components as well - 10 full years for the cabinet and mechanism, 2 years for the hinge mechanism, and 1 year for the premium mattress. Multilayer foam construction proves its longevity through repetitive stress testing far exceeding typical consumer use cycles. Homeowners gain durable performance reassurance from these inclusive warranties.



The Murphy Nook 75W Queen Cabinet Bed with Mattress presents a thoughtfully multifaceted solution that maximizes living convenience. Beyond the straightforward space-saving function of a Murphy bed, innovative versatility, premium comfort provisions, and sturdy build quality shine through.

Exceptional flexibility allows creative utilization transforming areas as needed. Overall, it strikes an ideal balance meeting versatile overnight accommodation, storage, and work needs for virtually any confined urban living quarters in an elegant, low-maintenance fashion. Clever design married with high practical performance empowers homeowners to skillfully overcome space constraints.





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